Real Estate Signage

For week 9 I played around with designing my own real estate signage! I work with lots of Realtors at NuTrends, and have designed signage templates for a few brokerages which is pretty neat!

A lot of brokerages have pretty strict branding guidelines that leave their agents very little breathing room for customization and personalization. Sometimes you can’t tweak the approved designs at all! However, there are definitely some brokerages that are stricter than others.

Part of my job is to study these graphic standards and branding guidelines provided by the brokerages, and memorize them. If an agent wants to customize their signage or marketing material, and their request goes against the graphic standards, I unfortunately have to advise against their requests. Although the agents themselves should familiarize themselves with the guidelines themselves, I am responsible to abide by them and act as a “gatekeeper”of sorts, keeping every print in check!

The best thing an agent can do is to study the graphic standards themselves, and find the areas that allow for flexibility. Whether it be changing the font used for your name, or maybe a colour here or there. A little change can make your signs look unique and help you stand out from your peers! Another thing I recommend, is that if you speak directly to your manager about your design request, sometimes a written letter or email from them to your printer (me!) stating that they have given you permission to tweak the guidelines, is all that we need to proceed with your changes. I know I hate saying no to clients, so as long as your managing broker says it’s a-okay, that’s usually good enough for us!

Just a few thoughts to any realtors that may read this!

Until next time,



Violet Wedding Stationary

This week I was imagining a cloudy beach wedding with purple flowers.
So I decided to make some stationary!

I also have some very exciting news! I will be participating in the All Dressed in White Bridal Show! I will have a table at the Anvil Centre on April 30th. I’m sharing the space with my associate and pal Nathalie of Nata De Coco Photography, and we put down the deposit this week!

I’m so excited to meed other vendors and talk to some potential clients! This is my first expo and I’m having so much fun planning our set-up!

I will post details as they come!


Real Estate Feature Sheets

A large part of the work that I do at NuTrends revolves around the real estate industry.

The Vancouver real estate market is kind of insane. Naturally, as a print and production lab we export a lot of signage and marketing materials for real estate related businesses and clientele!

I haven’t shared any of that work on my site yet, which is strange! I’m thinking that I will probably make an entire section of my website dedicated to Real Estate specifically. This will include things like feature sheets, business cards, post cards, signage, and any other marketing materials! Today I was working on window decals for a new office opening up in North Vancouver, so that was pretty rad!

This week’s project is an example of a feature sheet template I designed. This would be used by a real estate agent for an open house. It’s essentially a folded 11″ x 17″ booklet with pictures and information on a listing for people to take away from an open house. Designing them is pretty fun, because you get to look at all of the gorgeous pictures of incredible houses I will never be able to afford!

Hope you like it!


Some Business Cards for me!

So I really need some business cards.

I always find that the hardest person to design for is myself. So I have put off making these business cards for a while.

This is one of those projects that I might revisit in the future, but for now I have something to hand out and show for myself!

I have some events coming up later in the year, and I have a lot of prep to do for that! I don’t have enough info to give details juuuuust yet – but I will soon!

So over the next few weeks I imagine that a lot of my projects are going to be self-serving. However, I am working on 3 weddings right now! So that’s very exciting!

Until next time, cheers!


Wedding Invites

My project submission for week five is a work in progress! Some very dear friends who have moved away from Vancouver are getting married this Summer, and I get to do their stationary! They are my first clients for a wedding related project and I am eternally grateful!

The information has of course been changed (sorry guys, you can’t crash their wedding!).

I can’t wait to continue to work with them on their package, I will definitely post it to my website once it’s finished! And of course, I can’t wait to be a bridesmaid at their wedding.

It sounds like I may have a couple other weddings lined up, so you’ll be seeing lots of these!



Gold Wedding Stationary

I just got home from spending a weekend in a friend’s cabin on Hemlock Mountain! It was such a great time spent with the best of people.

While I was there I put together this set of gold wedding prints for my weekly project. I really like making designs that allow the typography speak for itself, and I often see that occur in wedding stationary. I find that to make your prints look luxurious and glamorous, less is more when it comes to design. It’s the details that count, such as paper quality, choice in typography, and colour palette.

I am going to make some time to go downtown and check out some offset printers, maybe collect a few samples, and make some relationships! I want to be able to offer my clients a variety of finishes and selections, and unfortunately North Vancouver does not seem to have many options!

Wish me luck!


Wedding Stationary inspired by Battle Star Galactica

You guy’s should know up front, I am a huge geek.

I recently finished the sci-fi series “Battle Star Galactica”. Holy cow, it was fantastic. I don’t know how I missed the series while it was on air, but being able to binge watch it over the last half year or so has been pretty awesome, so maybe it was for the best!

I felt super inspired by the show and the characters, so I thought I would kick off the new year by banging out some Galactica inspired wedding stationary for my favourite power couple in the show.

Featured in the package is a Save the Date, Invitation, RSVP,  Menu, Table Number, and Bride & Groom Seating Cards.

The design was inspired by the beauty of deep space. The corners are darkened and textured to reference the show, as all of the paper aboard the Battle Star had been styled to have the corners removed, creating shapes like the example below.

The corners being removed was apparently a reference from the director of the show to illustrate how they had to “cut corners” financially to make the show possible. What may have only been intended as an inside joke definitely left a memorable statement!

I don’t know how many Brides and Grooms would be keen on having the corners removed completely from their stationary (and I can only imagine how much it would cost!) but I definitely wanted to reference the style, and it really added an extra layer of character to the designs!

Starbuck, Apollo, I hope you would be happy with these!