1 more month until the show!

Hey everyone,

It’s the final countdown! Just one more month until the All Dressed in White Bridal Show at the Anvil Center in New West minster. I’m so so so excited!

I have a lot of organizing and preparation to do, but I am so loving the process. I ordered my first ever batch of business cards last week, and I am close to finishing my wedding stationary rates package!

I have also set up a Facebook page to advertise my wedding stationary design, which is great too! I am part of the Vancouver Wedding Swap Facebook group, so it looks like I will actually be able to start marketing myself!

I’m full of good vibes over all of this. I feel as though my business is kind of dividing into two groups: weddings, and everything else. I’m thinking it might be better to keep those worlds separate for now and encourage their individual growths, which may lead to me having 2 websites one day! But that’s wayyyy down the road from here.

Of all things, I think what I am looking forward to most is the opportunity to meet other vendors and designers in the wedding industry. I have had very little contact with other designers since I began this venture – so I am more than ready to shake some hands and trade some business cards! Although looking at the vendor list, I might be the only stationary designer there? WHAT?

I mean, I was really looking forward to meeting fellow designers, but this could be an incredible opportunity for me to network myself to clients and brides who are coming to the show looking for a one-stop-shop!

Anyways, I’ll be posting my marketing materials as they come! I hope you like it, and I hope the show has a great turnout! Tickets are just $15 for brides, and $10 for guests, and the place is going to be packed with vendors and designers with amazing deals!

Hopefully I will see you there!



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